Thursday, August 7, 2008

Provo Temple

Having family that works for a Hotel chain has been really handy! While out moving family my mom and I got to stay in almost all the different Marriott's, Residence Inn was the only one we missed (thank you Nancy)! This is the view from the Provo Marriott...Its the Provo Temple! I was so excited to see it (James was just excited not to be in a car) and wished that we had just a little more time to go inside. When I left home the Seattle temple was doing some over hauling on Moroni and it felt so strange to look up and see him missing. My mom and I decided that someday when we get old we are going to visit all the temples...not sure if this is a realistic goal or not, but how amazing would that be to see all the temples and feel the that same peaceful spirit all over the world. I am so grateful for temples and that we have the opportunity to have them so near to us in this beautiful land of ours. What an am amazing blessing we have so close to us to enter into the Lords House.
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