Sunday, January 4, 2009

My baby sister just got married!

Can't believe my baby sister just got married! We all went down for her wedding in St. George, Utah and as usual had a real adventure! We left December 17th and after picking up our car headed to Temple Square to see the lights since most of us had never seen them. They were beautiful, not that anything on temple grounds could ever not be, but it was such a beautiful experience for me.

I know you can't see any of the lights, but the nativity in the reflection pool was powerful.

My niece Amy, it was very cold that night!

Thursday we all got up and went down to the Mount Timpanogos Temple to be there while Nancy received her endowments. I was on my mission when my little brother went thru and I am almost glad, because I cried. I put my temple recommend in a pocket that I never put it in and we were late because of the terrible snow storm the night before and bad planning. I was told to sit down while my bishop was call, meanwhile Emily, my older sister, was sitting just inside the temple waiting for me. Sitting on that chair not being allowed to enter was one of the most difficult experiences I have ever been thru. I sat there holding back tears and then the thought came to my mind, look again...I did and there it was. My goodness! I know its bad to run in the temple but Emily and I ran! We made record time and because my aunt was in charge of the live endowments she slowed them down and we made it in time! Watching my little sister was so...magical is the wrong word, but grow up into this person, at that moment, was powerful.

Anyway, Thursday was my birthday and we did lunch and cupcakes at my sisters house then had a "Godsey Christmas."

This was on our real Christmas! James didn't want to be in the picture :(

Friday we had more fun! As we were heading out of town on our way down to St. George for Saturdays wedding and I had a tooth turn electric. So there I was in tears, in a city I am lost in with teeth problems. Curtis started calling everyone and stopping by different dentists without any success! So we called Nancy and she did her magic and found us a Cedar City, 3+ hours away. I was dying. But we made it. Thanks to Dr. Brown, Jace's childhood Bishop, I am all better. I got a root canal and never felt a bit of pain! So happy!

Saturday we got up and dressed and did the sealing...Nancy was so gorgeous. I was able to help her get dressed, which was sweet to share those treasured moments with her. She is so confident and that just beams from her like the light from the sun. Watching her walk out the doors of the temple was precious. We did pictures, naps and dinner and swimming then off to bed.

Sunday we were all supposed to head back up to Orem and go to church with Emily and Lj, but we decided to take the drive easy. It was snowing and we didn't want to wake up the boys so we took our time getting up there and I am so glad because again we ran into problems. Our flight got cancelled! We got our flights rescheduled for Monday morning at 6:30, but Curtis and I looked at each other and said, lets stay here for Christmas!!! So we did.

Monday we had issues with our rental car on Monday, but we got them worked out. Since we had only reserved it thru Sunday we had to trade it in for another car, smaller, but it was great watching Curtis trying to fit is long legs in the car with a car seat behind it!

We had a great time with Emily and her family sledding on Tuesday and we got to hang out with Lj and his wife, Michelle. Plus we got to spend a little of Christmas with Curtis' siblings and Grandpa playing games and eating pizza for our Christmas midnight snack!
This is Curtis brother, Clay (Cj) and Logan

We had so much fun, even with a root canal! We got home Friday the 26th with extra luggage and a good experience. When we got home our tree was pretty much dead...very sad, but I never really got around to decorating it much, so I wasn't that sad!

Just a token picture, Logan found his thumb on December 10, 2008 and ever since then has been sleeping thru the night!

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