Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Scanning Pictures

I have been working on a family calendar for my parents christmas present (2008) from all the kids and its been great to look at all these old pictures and remember the good old days and learn new stories about some I am seeing for the first time! So here are a few of my favorites! These are mostly of my older sister since I have been scanning in her pictures most resently... This is the 4 generation picture. My Great-Grandma "Grams", my older sister, Emily, my Grandma "Grandmama" and my mom. I love that we were so blessed to have grown up with family that was so close. I wish I could have that for my kids, but maybe my siblings will all agree on a general area to live in and we can have the same thing for our kids.

My mom and Emily in August 1978. Emily was just a little thing back then.

This one is a great one of Emily in October of 1979

This is my dad. It is crazy to me that my dad used to look like this. He used to have hair! August 1968.

My mom looks like such a Betty in this picture. She is so beautiful. Emily is great too!
September 1978. Linda at 4 months old...maybe the boys do look a little like me!
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