Monday, May 31, 2010

Hawaiian Haystacks

While on my mission to Texas I found this great recipe! Its great for getting kids to eat their vegetables and its one of  those wonderful things to have when your going to have a crowd over.  Everyone can make it as they like it and everyone comes out winning!

What you need is
Green Onions,
Mandarin Oranges,
Dried Cranberries,
Red Peppers,
Sliced Almonds,
 Shredded Chicken and thickened Broth,
 and Cheese.

This is all I had on hand...but if I had it I might have added avocado, crispy asain noodles, and well, whatever looks good.  My mom usually sprinkles on some soy sauce on hers.  I have been meaning to try it with a tart apple, but the possibilities are endless.  Its amazing how quickly it all adds up on your plate, so be careful! All the fresh stuff is a nice change from the everyday processed stuff we eat.  The nice part about this meal is now you have lots of things cut up for future meals and left over rice.  My kids like to eat the shredded meat with the thickened broth alone.   
Logan loved it so much that he ate his and his brothers!
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