Sunday, May 2, 2010

Horse on a Rope

Since last summer James has bee asking for a horse on a rope for Christmas and Birthdays.  He never forgot when you asked him what he wanted to say a "horse on a rope".  At Thanksgiving his uncle Clay gave him a costume that was a horse that he loved, but it just wasn't the same thing.  Living on the island has its pluses and livestock might be one of them.  One of our friends let us come over for James birthday so he could ride her horse.  He wasn't really as crazy about it as I thought he would be.  He didn't get to hold a rope I later found out was the problem.  He almost fell off, but he took it all real well.  He didn't make a peep as he was tilting to the side until I looked up and said something he might have fallen off.  Mary Jane was leading and I was playing with Logan.  Oops!
And you want to talk about not being impressed, Logan didn't want anything to do with Whisper! We tried to give him a turn, but it was not necessary!
Mary Jane lives on this little farm where she breeds dogs and she had a sweet litter of Labs there for the boys to play with.  She had James sit down with them, which of course he loved, until they started walking on his bare legs and that hurt. 
These puppies will make anyone want one, so adorable!
And as for my reserved Logan he almost touched the puppy...
But at the last minute he pulled away.  Poor thing! He loves dogs in every shape in size, well maybe not the lab puppy size!
We had a great time seeing the chickens and playing with puppies.  Makes me wish we could join in on the fun and get some of our own, but 3 boys will do for now!
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