Thursday, April 29, 2010

Starting starters!

It seems like everyone around me is planting seeds and growing gardens (or buying dairy cows, but I'm not going to attempt that).  At James pizza dinner on Monday we had some soda and I kept them to plant our seeds in.  I have never tried using soda bottles, but it seems like it should work!

We have 3 2 liter bottles cut in half, seed packets, dirt, a shovel, tape, permanent marker and paper towels. This was the nicest face I could get out of him!
We are going with Chives and Sweet Basil.  I bought starters for some Cherry Tomatoes, Strawberries and Walla Walla Onions and then I have some Parsley from last year.  Never used it and it still looks nice, although never harvested.  I have a big planter box that I got for Mother's Day (?) last year that I love and I am supposed to be watching for where the sun is the brightest the longest around my yard.
James was very excited to use his shovel we bought yesterday at the Target impulse buy area and Logan just played with the lids
Last week at preschool James class started talking about gardens and growing things.  He knew right what to do and how to do it! These are the Chives.
At first he was really careful and placed the seeds in individually, but then...
He just kinda sprinkled, hopefully, them in with the shovel.  At least that's what I am hoping he did I missed how these ones where placed, I was working on a bottle right after this.  He did cover the seeds with a little bit of dirt and then pat them lightly.  He was very careful and may have gotten into trouble for using too much force at school judging by how he talked about this step.
Taping the tops back on
We really like Pesto in our house, so we did 2 bottles of starts for the basil.  I use chives a lot, so I may have to come up with something else.  I have a friend using egg cartons and I may be doing that as well. 
We brought them in and watered them.  I need to clear a spot on my kitchen window sill and maybe buy a water sprayer.  I tried to put water in through the little tops and that didn't work out well.  But the bottoms got plenty of water!  We are very excited to get these started and will track their progress. 

Today was a wonderful day with sun, the library, errands, and playing with cousins for a couple hours. James and I played a quick round of Go Fish, his first time playing, after we laid down Logan and now they are both sleeping.  Life is wonderful!
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