Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Nancy update

My little sister is due the first bit of May, but at her appointment today the doctor said that she was dilated 1 centimeter and that she was 75% effaced! When she told me that I started out with the bad news that being 1 cm dilated doesn't mean anything! I was 3 cm for 2 months. But that effaced number is a sign things are moving along! The doctor told her that she should expect Easton to come in the next week! My mom says that as long as he makes his debut after the 24th or this week that would be best (State competition for Solo and Ensemble is that day and she is supposed to accompany a young lady!). When I talked to Nancy she said they were planning on the 26th! Babies don't really care what we think or want, so good luck to all! We are happy to meet you Easton whenever you come, just be healthy!
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