Friday, April 16, 2010


We had tacos tonight and although I usually warm my tortillas in the microwave I just recently had these at my sisters and she warmed them on the stove top, like my mom did growing up. When I went to get the pan I usually use it was dirty in the sink, so I got to thinking what else could I use. I have a glass top and I got to thinking, why wouldn’t tin foil work? So, we tried it and although my temp was way too high for this method I think I will use it again. You can use it for quesadillas and the whole nine yards.
I don't know why Logan eats things from the sides.  He eats his hot dogs like its corn on the cob.  It is so funny to watch him eat! I guess in general he doesn't do things like everyone else!
These were his kisses!  You can see the hamburger grease on his face and the red acid burns from his love affair with tomatoes.  While I was cooking he nearly ate an entire tomato I had cut up for tacos. 
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