Saturday, April 3, 2010

We're going on a Egg Hunt

Last year my I found out my older sister has decided that Easter should be broken up into 2 very different days. On Saturday we do all the commercial stuff and Sunday should be reserved for the more spiritual side of the Easter holiday. I have to say I couldn't agree more. We get so caught up in filling eggs and baskets and writing cards to remember why we even celebrate this time of year. Our Savior was resurrected leaving the tomb empty and gave each of us the opportunity to return home to our Father in Heaven and live with him again. I am so grateful that we have latter day prophets and apostles to continue to guide us and strengthen us each day. I am grateful that we were able to hear from them today and to be able to learn from their counsel. I am grateful that I can be sealed to my family and be forever a family with those that I love. I am grateful for this gospel and the joy that it brings into my heart each day. I am grateful for my boys! They are so sweet. Logan has learned so much and continues to surprise me with how much he understands the world around him. He finds joy in everything around him and brings joy to all those that he comes in contact with. James has been in preschool again for a month now and comes home with something new, in a good way, everyday. He lives to learn and have fun. Like every 4 (in 24 days) year old he finds something to play with in everything he does. He can always fall back on being a tiger or a puppy and does at the strangest times- scares a lot of kids that way! Logan got so distracted after collecting just a few eggs during our families Easter Egg Hunt. He didn't want to leave the gator after he found that he could finally play on it alone while the other kids were collecting their eggs. I didn't think he would really care about his bag, but he carried it around and was reluctant to let me have it to empty his eggs for him. I was really surprised that all the kids, but my niece Kristin, emptied their bags in a circle on the floor. I thought it would be more defined what was mine and what was yours. But the kids really had a good time and if I can figure out how to download it onto my computer I even have a video of the egg hunting.
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