Monday, April 12, 2010

Outside Time

The last few days have been great! The weather has been unbelievable and the outdoors has been beckoning us.  James and Logan really enjoyed the great Whidbey Island outdoors since Thursday.  The house we were house sitting was far from everything and was the most child friendly arrangement a single mom could ask for.  They played hard and they slept hard (Logan took 3 plus hour naps)! Staying at this technology free house has really helped me to realize how over done our house is! The boys are in constant need to be entertained, instead of entertaining themselves.  Today I put up the DVD’s and I am hoping that this will encourage them to play more.  Over the weekend my dad and the homeowner put up a fence for us so now the boys can play without getting into the road. 
It has even made me consider getting chickens, although I don’t have the space for them, but it was really fun counting the eggs and taking the chickens our leftovers.  James liked it best when the hens ran with him.  He encouraged that by running with their table scraps! I am sure it would all become the chore it is, but taking this little vacation has been a nice release for us! Plus it didn't cost us any money!
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