Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Deboning a Turkey, check!

I remember my mom always slaving away deboning the turkey after our holiday meals, but I have never done it myself.  I made my first Turkey on Sunday and I was so scared! It is a major component of the meal and if I mess it up, then we are having cereal for dinner! But all went well, even though I had to run warm water on the inside of the turkey! I guess you can't expect to take an almost 13 pound turkey out of the freezer on Saturday and it be completely thawed on Sunday.  I also learned that you have to check everything! I got everything out of the chest cavity, but I check the other end! Evidently they hide something there too, but no one died, so I would consider that a success! 
This morning I started to debone it after boiling it on Sunday.  Of course I let it get too hot, so it was fun to work with, but I got it done.  There's a lot of yucky stuff in there! But I got 2 quart ziplocs to put into my freezer and a tupperware in my fridge to eat now! I love having this on hand.  Makes a quick meal on the fly and sometimes no matter how much planning you put into a meal, life goes for something in the opposite direction! Having kids does that to you too! I love it when I can have a few meals in the freezer that takes little time, especially when your having a baby soon.  Fill your freezer!
And here's this, since Logan's so cute! He opened and closed the microwave while I worked at the stove top! But he came a running when I told him I was done and it was time for bed!
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