Sunday, April 18, 2010

Morning fun

This morning since it was beautiful we decided to work on our pinecone project. The other day when we went walking with my sister and nieces we found 2 great pine cones for bird feeders. So we pulled out the kids picnic table, the peanut butter, wild bird seed, hemp and Ziploc bags and got to work. When we did this last spring we made a big mess inside and got a lot of stuff dirty, so I got to thinking how I could do this without making such a mess. That's where the Ziploc bags come into play. We rolled them in a 9x9 last time and the seeds didn't get in all the little crevasses, but with the Ziplocs it seeds where everywhere!
I asked him to smile and this is what I got!
I told him to open his eyes and this is what I got!
Logan had fun eating the peanut butter!
At least he looks so cute doing it!
We're almost done!
Our birds are going to be so happy! They have 4 different locations to choose from on this one tree! What can I say, my kids love watching the birds!
I love this! I got it at Target and I just love how simple it is.  I bet I could make somthing like this is a gourd this fall.  We'll see.  With 3 kids 4 and under it may not happen this year!
See shorts! It really is sunny out! (And a messy room! It was clean this morning too!)
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