Thursday, April 29, 2010

Easton update!

This morning Easton's weight was 7.13 and the last word was that Easton is now home and that his bilirubin levels are coming down.  They will continue to monitor him with blood draws, until they are happy with his numbers.  My mom was a great person to be there with Nancy for this as she has been thru this herself and with baby Linda.  When I was born my parents couldn't afford to carry insurance and trusted that all would be well.  I was an 8 and the critical bilirubin level is 24...however my  levels elevated to 23 before I rounded the corner and came back down, all without modern medicine. I am assuming it was a lot of prayers and love! 

Nancy is learning about how fun newborns can be.  Easton is just starting to switch days and nights.  He has slept most of the morning and she keeps trying to wake him up to feed him, unsuccessfully!  She says he latches on but that's as good as the game goes!
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