Thursday, April 15, 2010

Playground in the Park

Last night we went to Park with my sister and 3 of her kids.  It was an evening play date I hope we can do again! I love how tired the boys get from having fun! It's like a huge bonus; they get to have fun and we all go to bed on time. Plus I got to sit down and chat with my big sis, something we never have time for.
Amy posed for this picture until it finally took.  It was a good 30 seconds! Kids are great!
Claire was so impressed with herself! She made it all the way across swinging her legs back and forth, I think she was going backwards, but she's 5.
Peter was so sweet with Logan.  He followed him around like a mother hen.  Logan loved driving the boat and making sounds to match.  All of my nieces and nephews seem to really enjoy mothering Logan.  It is fun to watch Amy with him.  She takes her responsibilities very seriously!
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