Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Boy Bath Time!

We do bath time twice a day at our house mostly for my sanity and not for cleanliness! The boys love the water and although bath time doesn’t usually last longer then 5-10 minutes it gives me a little time to put things together or sit down by myself.
I know you can't tell what Logan is doing in this picture, but he is gently burping this dinosaur.  He has really taken on the brother role really well and I am hoping this means good things when he becomes a big brother.  People have told me that they think it will be hard on him, since I still baby him, but I am hoping they are all wrong and he takes on the new life with ease! (Cross your fingers and pray for me!!)
Look how quick that camera is! Impressive! Now if I could only find the charger for this camera...I've seen it some where, story of my life.  Age old story of second box to the left...grr!
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