Saturday, November 2, 2013

E for effort

This morning one of James friends was baptized and we were invited.   We went to three different buildings before we found the right one, but we were still on time (only in Utah). We sat down in front of James friends family and instantly Carson and Logan started wrestling....I threatened and things were good for a few minutes. Carson was just getting too out of hand, so I took him outside to scream it out. My boys know they need to stay put when I leave, but with Utah baptisms done differently here James left with the second group instead of waiting with his friends family.  I have to say when I got Carson back to a  listening mood and James was missing I was upset at first and then 45 minutes later when I still couldn't find him I was terrified.   I even made an announcement from the pulpit, checked every room, around the building,  my car...every possible place except for driving down the road. There was one room that was doing a confirmation so I just waited outside and guess who just walked out like nothing was kid! No one else left so I don't know if he came out to get a drink of water or what, but that was the crazy.  Talk about being lead by the spirit!  He was sad he missed seeing his friend being baptized so we just left.
No good deed goes unpunished!

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