Sunday, July 20, 2008

4th of July fun!

It was so much fun to have my entire family here for a couple of weeks. We stayed up late together and had lots of fun dinners at the beach! James really loved having a few extra playmates around and we got great sleep because of it! All the grand kids got along so well...mostly but when you range kids from 10 to 2-2 year olds you can't expect good times all the time!

Peter (9), Claire (4), James (2), Amy (2), Stuart (7) & Kristin (10)

I am sure Amy & James has digested more sand then most kids.
It was sad to see everyone leave, but now that everyone lives in Utah it will make visits to see everyone that much easier. We will be back together again when Nancy gets married this winter in Salt Lake and those will be some good times. Hopefully I am back to being me by that point and not so much Logan and me!

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