Sunday, March 28, 2010

Showering alone

I have long since forgotten what its like to shower alone. It used to be James that would crawl in after a few minutes, but he has out grown that a little bit and now I get Logan. For a while I had both. This morning I was so excited thinking I had out smarted both boys, but half way shaving my second leg a little one crawled in! This does make the entire process a little more difficult when you learn we are showering in a stall shower. It makes the lathering process a little more interesting when Logan likes to sit right in the middle to play with the drain. One good thing about this process is I usually have a guaranteed 3-5 minute head start on primping since they like the hot water so much!
Logan doesn't really understand the importance of drying off or towels! Always quick to get them off! Even the big ones!

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