Saturday, June 5, 2010

Baby Watch 2010

Here in the Seattle area we love our weather forecasters.  Each year we have "Storm Watch 2009." It usually turns out to be nothing more then a little rain, but we cancel school and people flock to the local stores to stock up on water and candles.  That's what I feel like this baby business is.  I have stormed the grocery stores for grapes and water...don't need candles.  I know that he will come when he is ready and I have actually found myself OK with him taking his time.  I understand that there are just a few things we can't control, you know (I paraphrase) on the Lords time not ours.  This one is on the Lords time.  Last week I didn't have the blankets washed, this week I might even fold them! I have paperwork I need to get into order.  I kinda wanted to have a will put into place, not that I am expecting anything more then a simple, yet painful, delivery I want to know that my boys are taken care of. 

Anyways, I do have a status update. 
On Wednesday I had contractions every 15 minutes all day...until I went to bed.  I woke up at 3:30 with Logan and was made it was 3:30! Having contractions makes me nervous, I've never gone into labor on my own before!  I even learned there are different kinds of contractions!  
Friday I had a doctors appointment and he checked me and wondered why I haven't had this baby yet. I am 2-3 Cm dilated, 50% effaced, and minus 2 station.  But still not a single contraction!!!

When I left the doctors office he said, "See you this weekend!" "Unless you decide to hang on to this thing as long as you can!" Its funny because I have been telling him for months that with all my other babies I had to have my water broken and then the rest is the same.  My next appointment is on Tuesday morning and he will strip my membranes and probably schedule me to be induced on Wednesday, because he's on call at the hospital. He also listened for the first time that I accidentally wrote the wrong LMP by a month! According to my period I was due on the 19th of May.  My first ultrasound, in office, said June 3 and my second, in hospital, said May 31st.  My bags are packed and the car seat is clean and in the car so if he wants to come now I am...ready!?! My house is still a mess, but I can survive that.  I took a nap today so I am even "rested!"

James has really loved this belly! I am excited to see him with his new brother!
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