Saturday, June 12, 2010

My Baby

We got home yesterday and its been a whirlwind! Life continues even when we aren't ready for it! My family has been great and helped us a lot.  Yesterday when I got home my dad was napping James so we just had 2 boys to feed and nap.  We had a good dinner with the 4 of us and then bedtime.  It seems like babysitting that little baby has really helped the boys understand babies and thus it has been much easier on me then I expected. 
Today we didn't have gymnastics so my mom picked up the two big boys and took them out to the tide flats for 2 hours, which gave me time to make banana bread, clean up the kitchen a little and give Carson a bath.  Carson wasn't really sure about the bath at first but seemed to enjoy the warm soak after a bit.  Taking him out was another reason to scream however! Poor kid. 
Carson also found his thumb today! At the hospital his hand was constantly in his mouth looking for that thumb.  The nurses said he must have been doing that before he was born.  In this picture he has his pointer finger all bent out of shape.  My mom knows someone that has a slightly misshapen finger from doing that as a baby...we will have to monitor that finger! I am sure that today it was an accident that it even made it in there.
I brought a cheesecake to the birthday party celebration for Peter and Logan thought that he needed to drink the blackberry topping I made for it.  Looks good!
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