Friday, June 4, 2010

We love Strawberries!

I remember growing up and having a hot breakfast every morning and a packed lunch everyday for school and all my school friends being jealous.  To me it was just how my day goes, but to them I was lucky.  That's when I decided that I want to be that same mom for my kids.  Wednesday while James and I were on our date we stopped by Costco and picked up some strawberries.  So yesterday we made some waffles, cut up strawberries and got out some whipped cream! James thought it was such a treat.  We have waffles all the time, but its been a while since we had strawberries and whipped cream on top!
This morning when Curtis called James told him all about it.  Its funny what kids think are important! Meanwhile that Costco sized strawberry crate is pretty much gone! In two days my boys have managed to eat the entire thing!
Logan is hiding while playing with hair...I thought he was done with that fetish, but it's come back to town again!
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