Thursday, June 10, 2010

I'm holding him!

No pictures to post, but I thought I would just let my friends know that at least he is here and handsome!  Carson Lawrence was born yesterday at 10:37 and because its amazing I will even share his story!

7:00 My sister and I got to the hospital for my schedule inducing and started antibiotics
9:15 Broke water at 4cm and 70% effaced
10:15 a friend came to visit, had my first REAL contraction and I started feeling pressure
10:30 Nurse checked and I was 8cm and ready to push
10:37 Carson was born 8 lbs 7oz and 21 3/4 inches

At first it took him a long time to pink up so his apgar scores were a little low, but eventually he did, but they ran a CBC (complete blood count) to see why it took so long and found out that he was Coombs positive (a blood issue caused by mom and baby being a different blood type.  I am +O and he is +A so my last push of antigens were basically fighting his on the way out the door).  I was given the clear to go, but we are sticking around Coupeville until he passes all this tests!  We are watching for Jaundice and so tomorrow morning we will do another CBC to check his levels again and if they haven't spiked too high we can go home! My sister was great to have here with me and almost missed it when she was walking Wendy Baesler to her car and getting a book to read! That would have been very sad!  Things went so fast that my doctor almost went into surgery and the pediatrician almost left the building! Good thing my nurse acted quickly and pulled everyone together!

This morning my mom brought the boys in to meet their new brother.  I knew it may not go well, but the both came in and climbed up on the bed with Carson and I and we cuddled and ate ice chips together and graham crackers.  They did really good.  James even held him and Logan didn't freak out when I held him.  Good day for the Kincaid family!
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